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Johannus Sweelinck 30 Platinum Edition   "I have been enjoying my Johannus Sweelinck 30 organ since the end of May, 2008. Practicing is sheer pleasure. The organ was built with AGO specs, and the three manuals and full pedal board give the organist so much flexibility. You can perform any organ literature with appropriate settings because of the amazing variety and balance of the stops.

   The most outstanding feature of this organ is the wonderful sound. Anyone who hears it spends time looking for the pipes that produce the beautiful sounds. It is difficult to believe that such authentic pipe organ sounds could be produced by an electronic instrument. Mr. Bocock voiced the organ so that it is not overwhelming in my home. The sound is perfect!

   One addition made to my organ was a Zimbelstern. I really love the way it enhances appropriate pieces. The Zimbelstern is a separate addition with actual bells that are struck randomly and beautifully. Another special feature included on my organ is the wooden keys. The keys that are normally white are black and the raised keys are brown, which reminds me of pipe organs that I have seen in Europe.  

    During the time I was researching organs that would serve well in a home environment, I also checked quality, prices, and reliability of organs produced by both the Axxxx and Rxxxxxx corporations.  In all honesty, the organs produced by those manufacturers don’t even compare to the high quality of the Johannus organs. If we were comparing automobiles, it would similar to the contrasts between a Volkswagen beetle and a Rolls Royce.

   I have no complaints, and I would highly recommend the Johannus organs to anyone who loves organ music. This organ is like a dream come true."

Richelle Gengler
Midland, TX