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Johannus Custom Monarke   "It is difficult to express in a few words how pleased we are with our new custom Johannus Monarke organ. As a historic church, it was our goal to significantly enhance our organ capability but to maintain the pipe organ presence. Our old organ was a three rank mechanical-action tracker that simply could not support our service needs.
   It had to be Divine Providence that led us to Johannus and Classical Organs of Texas, as the instrument resulting from many hours spent with our ever-patient sales representative, Rick Bocock, as well as executives and engineers at the Johannus factory, is the perfect blend of authentic pipe organ sound and pipe organ appearance. Having the appearance of a small tracker pipe organ, but being fully digital, this instrument has capabilities far exceeding what a pipe organ this size could offer. The ability to fine tune all the voicing parameters has resulted in a perfect match between the instrument and the room's acoustics, producing a better sounding instrument than we would have had with any pipe organ that our space and budget would permit. Our Monarke exceeds all our expectations."

Jim Holmes
Organ Committee Chair and Co-organist

   "We had a seemingly difficult challenge:  provide a new organ to fit in the small north transept in a ca. 1885 church designed by the renowned architect, Richard M. Upjohn, capable of supporting an eclectic repertoire of traditional Anglican and more modern American choral and congregational music. After two years of investigating various pipe organ options, we were nearly resigned to giving up our search.
   Fortunately, when we discovered Johannus, we learned that obtaining such a custom organ need not prove challenging -- nor cost prohibitive. It was a pleasure to have Rick Bocock assist us through every step of the process. We were also privileged to experience first-hand the care and expertise of the Johannus craftsmen at the Ede, Netherlands, headquarters. We were impressed by the quality and flexibility of all aspects of the design of the instrument.
   The final result is a superb organ, tailor-fitted to our parish of St. James -- an instrument that not only sounds and looks fabulous, but now resides in our place of worship as if it were part of the original fabric of the church building's structure."

Ted C. Engel

Music Director
Organ Committee Member
(and professional architect)