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Since 1994, JOHANNUS Organs of Texas has provided quality JOHANNUS digital organs to churches and individuals in Texas and the Southwest. Its founder, Rick Bocock, began studying the organ at the age of 13, 
subsequently serving as a church organist in multiple churches for over
40 years. In addition to his musical studies, he received both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering, concentrating on digital signal processing and control theory.

His love of music and electronics soon drew him to the field of audio. As Vice President of Engineering at White Instruments, a respected producer of professional audio equipment for sound reinforcement systems, he designed industry-leading equalizers and digital signal processors found in performance halls, churches, recording studios, and public venues worldwide.

Moving into the “high-tech” arena, he became Director of Systems Engineering at Cirrus Logic, a maker of high quality digital audio converter chips and digital signal processors used in home theater systems, portable entertainment devices, recording equipment, and yes, even digital organs. There, he and his team of engineers assisted the world’s top audio names in the design of numerous consumer and professional audio products.

In 1994, combining his love for the organ with his technical interests in digital audio and acoustics, he founded Classical Organs of Texas, now known as JOHANNUS Organs of Texas. Combining forces with JOHANNUS Orgelbouw, the world’s largest builder of church organs, he and his team apply their considerable experience in organ design, acoustics, audio systems, and music to bring the best in expertly installed and artistically finished digital organs to the state of Texas.

JOHANNUS Orgelbouw

JOHANNUS Orgelbouw, b.v., is devoted exclusively to building church organs. Based in Ede, in the heart of the Netherlands, JOHANNUS is the world's largest church organ builder, shipping many excellent, modern digital organs to more than 80 countries each year.

Beginning with the introduction of Real Time Sampling in the 1990s, the JOHANNUS revolution continues to bring advanced modern technology to the world of organs. Advancements like Chiff Dynamics, Physiological Expression, pipeLIFE(TM) Tuning, Adaptive Surround Reverb, and Super Solos keep JOHANNUS at the leading edge in state-of-the-art organ building. JOHANNUS is the source for quality, affordable, artistic peers of the wind-blown pipe organ.